Monday, December 10, 2012

Mashed or Smothered?

2nd Week of Advent has just begun.  I have to admit,  I have not been in the Christmas spirit this year.  I have been a part of LOTs of Christmas "stuff", but nothing has seemed to get me over the slump and enjoying God's gifts.  My list of "to do's" over the past two weeks:
  • I've gathered and posted items for 68 children to be a part of the Angel Tree.  You would think that I would have felt extremely blessed and thankful for all that I have.
  • I've helped plan (in advance) a Christmas party for my daughter's 2nd grade class.  I've bought my items to donate and responses from other parents are rolling in.
  • I've organized a Breakfast with Santa that raise $1200+ for our Angel Tree kids.  Yeah!!
  • I've led two practices a week for the children's choir (with 40+ kids) for the past 8 weeks.
  • I've made crosses for 50+ people out of the stained glass shards from our damaged church windows.
  • Dr. Appointments with the oldest child all day last Thursday
  • Planning for a Children's Ministry conference to be held in January 2013
  • Going shopping with 5th & 6th Graders for the Angel Tree (did I mention there were 17 of them going?)
  • Children's Choir program during worship
  • Sunday School party (bring a dish)
But why no Christmas JOY?  These are all Christmas related things....

Because I haven't STOPPED for one minute to rest and ENJOY God or my family.  Thankfully I realized this Saturday evening (after our Sunday School class party) around 11:30pm. 

My husband was putting the last touches on his lesson for Sunday school.  He had to answer the question,  "How have you seen God at work this week?"  Well,  I reminded him of several "important moments" where God has performed miracles in our lives.  BIG stuff!!!  He could just share one of those things.  I was to tired to have a discussion and review of this week.  I was ready for this week to be over!!!  How would I know what he had seen this week?  I had no idea what he should share.  I barely knew my own name, and still two large items to check off the to do list the next day.  He was on his own answering that question.  This has been the busiest week of our year.  Maybe it would come to him in a dream.  I was going to bed. 

I began to doze off as my husband began to share what he was considering sharing.... 
You see,  my husband is a very picky eater.  We had this class party scheduled in the home of dear friends, and everyone was suppose to bring a dish to share.  The hubs HATES potluck dinners.  He never finds things that he likes to eat, because everyone is making a yummy casserole or side dish from Pinterest.  All of us trying to act like we are a gourmet chefs.  The hubs had been talking to one of our friends that morning at Breakfast with Santa.  She asked the Hub what kind of potato dish HE thought she should fix for the party.  She had found a two yummy choices,  a cheesy potato dish or a fancy loaded potato casserole.  He quickly responded that he was the WRONG person to answer that question.  He only like baked potatoes or french fries.  In fact,  his plan was to try to "steer clear" of anything weird looking.  Hopefully he could get a snack in before arriving at the party. 

By this point in  his story,  I was wide awake.  I questioned why in the world would you tell this sweet woman of his plan, and thankful that he didn't make a BIG deal about the food choices AT the party.  He patted my hand and said,  you have to hear the rest of the story.  Upon arrival to the party,  this sweet lady pulled the hubs aside.  She had baked an extra potato for him.  She had it hidden, still hot.  When we got ready to eat, she pulled it out and  put it on his plate.  The hubs was thrilled!!!  It was warm, and had been cooked just the right amount of time.  He thanked her, and ate.  The hubs went on to talk about how kind this was of her.  How she had no obligation to do this.  He felt this was God's way of letting him know that He really does care about ALL aspects of our lives.  Our joy, our sorrow, even our choice of potatoes.  If God cares for the birds of the air then he does care for us.  This is how he felt God got his attention this week. Has he gotten yours this week?

I know that a Woman's work is never done, but take time to slow down and listen to God.  How does He want to work through you today?  What will it take to get your attention?  He is writing our story each day.  He wants us to know how much He cares for us.  He wants us to share it with the world.  As the children's choir sang,  "Tell the story!"  Tell the story of Jesus and His love."

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