Sunday, June 30, 2013

Haulin' water

The house is quiet this afternoon.  My 12 year old had made his way to the Great Outdoors with one set of grandparents. My 8 year old was swept away by the other set of grandparents to travel and see her aunt and uncle in Mississippi. I haven't even let the words utter my mouth "no kids at home for 4 days". I hope I will not jinx it by typing it. So many unfinished projects, planning for fall, and organizing I plan to do.

So In honor of this special occasion, I am carving out some quiet time with The Lord.  Today I am meditating on the scripture in Luke 10 where Jesus sent the 72 to go before him. He sent them out to be a gauge.  To see if His message would be accepted.  If they were welcomed then they were to heal, preach, share Gods love. If they were not welcomed then they were to wipe the dust from their feet and leave.

When we consider this scripture from the prospective of Hospitality, what can we learn?   Hospitality is defined as the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guest, visitors, or strangers.  It is quite easy to give a warm welcome to important people. We are great at rolling out the welcome wagon when "it matters". But Webster includes strangers in his list. Often times we are not so welcoming of strangers. How often do we seek them out?

Today we are still called to be a gauge for The Lord. If someone doesn't introduce us to Jesus, how will we know Him. If someone doesn't risk rejection how will we accept Him?  If someone hadn't paved the way, how would we hear?  I remember a "southern gospel song" from my childhood.  "Carry the water to the desert.  Stop this hauling water to the sea.  Seek out the dry and barren places. The sick ones need the dr.  Gonna stop this haulin' water to the sea."  Will you go?  Will you risk?  Will you tell?

As I enjoy this quiet time this week, I ask The Lord to show me the desert. To show me the one who needs to hear. I am ready and willing to roll out the welcome mat.