Saturday, July 28, 2012

I have had the pleasure of spending the week with some great kids.  I took 15 children (some from my church, others from surrounding churches) to a Performing Arts Camp-  Kidshine.  The camp was an hour away, so we stayed with some old friends who live near the host church.  It was wonderful to have a place for us to gather to rest and play after camp each day.  I had really dreaded the drive to and from each day.  My mom stayed to help me feed and care for everyone.  I couldn't have done it without her.  After a long week of caring for these sweet children, I am tired.  So thankful to be heading homeward.

The hubby and I drove seperate, so after the 7pm performance, we headed home.  He arrived home before I did, and gave me a quick call when he walked in the door.  "Honey, did you call someone to come clean the house?"  Me- "uh, No"  You were home all week, did it need to be "cleaned"?  Him- "well it could have used some help, but it looks great now."  Me- "hum?  I'm not sure who would have just come to clean our house?"  "Kelly (my sister in law) called and asked to use our printer.  I'm guessing it was her."  When I arrived and walked through the house (10:30pm),  I quickly text her to tell her THANKYOU!!!!  She and the MIL had stopped by with the intention to print some things and freshen up the bachlor pad the hubbs had been "making" all week.  I am so blessed to have family who helps me care for me and mine.

I am looking forward to the upcoming week.  We have finished the flooring and paint in our church preschool.  Now to unload the truck and get rooms ready for school and sunday school. I can't wait to see everything come together.  As we say around here...A Woman's Work is never done!

Tip of the Day:  I am a HUGE planner!  Tonight we picked my oldest up at a friends house.  They have spent most of the day together.  When we headed to the car,  the friend followed with his overnight bag and hopped in the car.  After arriving home,  the hubby asked if this was a "planned" event.  I responded that it was not.  My first instinct when the child came with his bag was to say we were not going to be able to stay tonight, but then I began to think "what is stopping us from saying yes?"  So, I said "let's go".  Make your home the place where you children want to be with their friends.  Don't always say no, when sometimes you need to say "let's go!"

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