Monday, April 22, 2013

Face Lift

Spring sprung for me last week.  I happened to be home with a sick one Friday, so took some time to take survey of the outside winter damage and pollen covered porches.  Made myself a list of projects and a mental note of how ugly our brown roof is.

With my list in hand, I took a trip to my local Lowes. Made a stop in the garden center for some plants for my pots, picked up some lighting inspiration for a future project, and on to the paint aisle for some exterior paint. I decided since I can't do anything about the ugly brown roof, I could put my design skills to use in picking out some better shutter and door colors.  I have been wanting to make a change for awhile, but just never enough time.  This would be the weekend!  I picked out an olive green for the shutters and a deep coral for the doors.  A few trips up and down the ladder, and I LOVE it!

Proverbs 31:27. She looks well to the ways of her home...

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